GEO Mapping Service

Painless Peace of Mind

We know from our relationships with and our experience with our customers, that their greatest Geographical presentation pain points include the need for:

  • Geographical representation of their customers, stores, or offices
  • Geo coded customer, inventory, service provider behavior
  • Risk and revenue assurance geographical presentation
  • Geo tracking and fencing of assets, services, customers, suppliers, vehicles, and staff
  • Showing availability of service, staff, equipment
  • Integrate into Google Maps which seems complicated
  • Uploading company data to Google Maps to layer on map layers
  • Adding their own layouts to the zoom in function

We make your need to see GEO information used to your greatest strategic advantage easy and painless because we provide layered, relevant, visual interpretations of many different kinds of geographic data such as markets, success areas, problems, sales and much, much more.

geo-supportWe achieve this by using our hosted, or on site, GEO Map Server solution:

  • Customer data layered on Base Map data
  • OpenStreet data Base Map rendering
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Spatial Data Analysis Services
  • GeoServer instance
  • OpenLayers support


The GeoServer installation:

  • is a Java-based application server that serves geospatial map data
  • has great flexibility in map creation and spatial data sharing from diverse data sources
  • supports Vector data formats: Shapefile, GML, VPF
  • supports Raster data formats: GeoTIFF, GTOPO30, WorldImage, Imagemosaic, ArcGrid, GDAL Image Formats, Oracle Georaster, Postgis Raster, ImagePyramid, Image Mosaic JDBC
  • ogcis based on OGC open standards and protocols:
    • Web Coverage Service (WCS)
    • Web Map Service (WMS)
    • Web Feature Service (WFS)
  • supports spatial databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Azure, H2, ArcSDE, DB2, Teradata
  • is deployed in a clustered environment for scalable performance and redundancy.


OpenLayers is an open-source JavaScript client used to generate web base map clients:

  • open-layersmaking it flexible and easy to put a dynamic map on any web page
  • displays map layers loaded from many sources and source types:
    • Raster Layers: WMS, Google Maps API, KML, Bing Maps, MapBox
    • Vector Layers: GeoJSON, TopoJSON, KML, GML, Mapbox
  • is completely free, Open Source JavaScript with an extensive global community
  • supports HTML5, CSS3
  • is browser and device independent
  • supports mobile and tablet touch devices


Google and Open Street Base Maps

map-1Base maps are the underlying map layers that represent the real world. The TauLite GIS Map Server Solution is flexible to support multiple base map sources, Google Maps and Open Street Maps.

Custom map layers are superimposed on top of a base map to enhance and visually put data layers in a spatial context.


map-2The TauLite Map client solution integrates with Google Maps and supports all the Google Maps API license models, for public web and intranet/enterprise applications. Which significantly simplifies the integration between Google Maps and customer data layers.



Open Street Maps (OSM) is a popular set of data describing the map of the world based on crowd sourced spatial data. It is free to use under an open license. It is a reliable source for base maps as an alternative to Google Maps. The TauLite GEO Mapping solution, renders the OSM data as a usable base map option to the customer.

Spatial Data Analysis Services

  • Any GIS solution starts with spatial data and spatial databases. Spatial data can be used in many use cases to enhance business intelligence and analyse traditional structured data.
  • Spatial data sources combined with spatial functions and spatial SQL queries can be used to summarise, extract and geographically analyse the business and customer data.
  • Data and Information can be enriched with Proximity, Coverage, Routes, Positioning, Distribution and GEO Coding data.
  • The popular databases with GIS support are Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server and MySQL.
  • Special insight in behavioural and distribution patterns can be represented in a visual map layer.

TauLite engineers a GIS solution complementing existing business data, that you can use to realise real business savings and/or add profits to your bottom line.