Infrastructure Support

Painless Peace of Mind

We know from our relationships with and our experience with our customers, that their greatest infrastructure pain points across the full application stack, include:

  • connectivity – Router, Switch, Firewall, Cloud
  • support responsiveness
  • reactive support
  • poor monitoring
  • no effective performance tuning
  • costly storage design and support for NAS, SAN, RAID
  • poor availability in terms of DR, backup, distribution, load shedding, virtualization


Contain infrastructure expenses and improve operations

All of which materially affects a business’s ability to operate effectively because it can have severe cost implications. It’s our passion to ensure that you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your infrastructure needs are being met.

TauLite strategically helps to improve your operations and cut expenses by using its extensive skills in understanding and managing infrastructure. Our highly qualified, experienced and certified staff have over 15 years of experience across Africa, the Middle East and Europe, and have the experience to help you realize real business value.


High performance, high availability, functional technical solutions and services

This provides the foundation for end to end design, implementation and support of high performance, high availability, functional technical solutions and services:

  • infrastructure-servicesdelivering enterprise server hardware and implementation
  • infrastructure virtualization
  • cloud server implementation
  • operating systems support
  • connectivity
  • database administration
  • performance monitoring
  • storage, and
  • end user computing

We will work with your staff and vendors, to help you focus on your business, saving you time and money.