Specialised Data Analytics

Painless Peace of Mind

We know from our relationships with and our experience with our customers, that these are their greatest service management pain points:

  • Dirty data
  • Fragmented and uncoordinated data sources
  • Availability of data
  • Data Integrity
  • Slow performance of data queries
  • Data relevance and context
  • Presentation of relevant information timeously
  • Getting the right information to the right people at the right time
  • Tactical usage of information (insight, foresight, timing) for effective decision making

All companies have data available to them. But the biggest question is whether all that data is relevant and profitably useable and directly applicable to the business?

How Data Analytics operates

  • Integration of data sources
  • ETL
  • Architecture of data
  • Data modeling
  • Relevant reports and dashboards
  • Report distribution
  • Workflow, process and automation

Specialized Data Analytics

We understand the importance of data context and relevance to our customers.  TauLite provides information to enable customer insights into their business and operations and to use that to plan strategically for their future. The delivery of timely intelligence is not just about reporting, it is about distribution, notification, automation, triggering tasks, workflow and much more. We deliver timely intelligence in the right situations for action and real business value.

Data + Context or Relevance = Information
Information + Insight = Knowledge
Knowledge + Foresight = Intelligence
Intelligence + Right Situations = Intelligent Decisions

Intelligent Decisions

Using leading industry products like OBIEE, Microsoft BI, integration and bespoke developments (if and where necessary) TauLite provides the following services:

  • Business needs analysis to determine what valuable data needs to be extracted, loaded and transformed for effective reporting, database administration and management
  • Full system support (server, OS, application server, web server, integration)
  • ETL processing
  • Specialized data analytics using OLTP, OLAP and other Big Data Sources
  • Report and dashboard design and rendering
  • Distribution and automation

Our industry specific data expertise in Telecommunications, Banking and Retail provide you with in time reporting, and relevant data that enables swift, profitable, business decision making.

Oracle Partner

We also have Oracle Database Administration, Oracle (PL/SQL) and Shell Scripting certifications. Our skills include in-depth knowledge of data analysis and report development for a major telecommunications client. As an Oracle Gold Partner, we also provide the same in OBIEE.


data-analyticsUsing OBIEE TauLite delivers:

  • Interactive dashboards
  • Mobile analytics
  • Enterprise reporting
  • Proactive detection and alerts
  • Actionable intelligence
  • Spatial visualisations and analytics

For Specialised Data Analytics