Specialised Service Management

Painless Peace of Mind

We know from our relationships with and our experience with our customers, that these are their greatest service management pain points:

  • The need to spend money wisely, maximise budgets and realise ROI on purchased products
  • Dealing with, and coordination of many business units with differing priorities
  • Automation of daily mundane tasks and processes using automation technologies.
  • The need for expensive international consultants to make systems do what was promised.
  • Efficient 24×7 support for international operations, particularly connectivity, availability across time zones, proactive monitoring, urgency of resolution, communication and tracking.
  • Effective customization and integration required to enable business processes, whilst future proofing upgrade paths of standard systems and implementation.
  • Not being able to relate maintenance, failures, exceptions and intelligently, responding to fault conditions in the business.
  • Not having an institutionalised knowledge base for the fast resolution of repetitive issues on the company infrastructure and environment.
  • Successfully building a configuration database of all discovered objects supporting the business infrastructure
  • Implementing automated and tracked processes to maintain electronic and manual data in the CMDB.

Our successful system solutions

Our successful system solutions bring our customers calm, operational peace of mind:

  • Pre-sales demos
  • Installation and upgrade projects
  • Performance tuning
  • Health checks
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • SLA Management
  • CMDB configuration management
  • Knowledge base management
  • Service request management
  • Configuration Item Discovery
  • Asset Management
  • Solution Architecture
  • Back up and DR Services
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd  line support

We manage SLAs, KPIs, response times, work around times, resolution times, use our own hardware and software, there is no footprint required (physical space on site), so we only need access. We have teams of people supporting our customers, removing the dependencies on individuals.
We handle your operational challenges so that you can focus on your core business.

BMC Remedy

Our engineers are respected in the Remedy community and have more than 66 collective years of Remedy experience as far back as Version 3. We are ITIL certified and have BMC certified Administrators, MyIT certification, BMC Certified Professionals in ADDM, and have completed a plethora of BMC Remedy courses.

Remedy specialist engineered solutions

We understand the fundamentals of Remedy Development as our developers have been engineering Telco solutions using the BMC base development functions collectively for numerous years.

We handle end to end performance monitoring on various vendor applications, and log the results to a BMC Remedy ticketing system. We read log files, access alarms, check indexing and CPU utilization and handle the correlation of these events.

ITIL Framework

TauLite uses ITIL, and has certified staff, to concentrate on aligning IT services with the needs of our customers’ business. All our Service management staff have ITIL training and can hold workshops to assist clients to get the correct Foundation data configured, determine trends from reports and use data to streamline their processes and procedures.

Oracle Partner

We also have several Oracle Database Administration, Oracle (PL/SQL), Shell Scripting, and HTML certifications. Our skills include in-depth knowledge of data analysis and report development using Oracle OBIEE for a major telecommunications client because we are also an Oracle Gold Partner.

BMC Remedy Experience

BMC Remedy is one of the tools we use and, in relation to the BMC product stack, we have extensive experience in the following BMC products:

BMC Product Experience
MyIT We have deployed and configured the BMC Self Service offerings within service desks allowing for less phone calls and easier access to the IT departments. We have also facilitated the creation of Service Catalogues.
Discovery (ADDM) One of our engineers was the first to sell and implement ADDM in a major retail store in South Africa. Where we implemented and discovered assets with the creation of TPL’s using python to extend the discovery.  We focus on creation of TPLs to help clients get better use out of the product.  We have engineers that specialise in SNMP technology and Python Scripting so that ADDM implementations are made a lot simpler. Our Unix skills make it easier to create scripts to run mass scans and integrate the data back into the CMDB staging dataset with creation of reconciliation to assist with maintaining the integrity of the CMDB.
Atrium Configuration Management Database Assisted with creation of CMDB datasets, reconciliation rules, and the federation of data from multiple sources. Also created relationships from data discovered via ADDM. We also have experience in writing ETLs to extract the transformed data from various databases.
Cloud We manage complex, heterogeneous environments for our clients and have various infrastructure engineers whose skills include providing scalable, virtual, pre-configured servers. In addition, we are able to facilitate the supply of Amazon, Google and Oracle virtual cloud offerings. Applying this experience, we can easily assist with BMC Cloud solutions.
Control M and TrueSight Using our comprehensive Telecommunication Network Management experience, we can engineer successful deployments of Control M and TrueSight products because we understand the way networks, capacity, infrastructure and availability work. Years of manually analysing data, has given our engineers the upper hand in understanding exactly how digital environments function and how to interrogate data to monitor, automate, optimise systems and provide reports.
Dashboards and Analytics We have years of experience on the BMC dashboard and analytics, having installed, configured and designed reports at a foremost retailer. And we have engineers who developed a complete ETL and Reporting tool at a major telecommunications client. We understand ETL and data. Our engineers read log files, alarms and vendors data repositories, then collated all data into dashboards for our clients. Our dashboards are applied by many external vendors to monitor the uptime of sites and proactively log tickets against outages. We effectively handle event storms and correlation prior to the logging of the tickets, ensuring the clients CMDB data is linked to the outages.

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