Telco Grade Projects

As telecommunications networks expand and grow companies need to integrate, develop, customize and deploy their VAS, Billing, OSS and BSS. At first glance it appears to be simple enough, however experience and understanding of how different systems are affected, what the hardware requirements are and the issues that can be experienced in implementing these projects is essential to their successful completion.

Painless Peace of mind

Some of our customers greatest pain points include:

  • Automation
  • Workflow
  • Monitoring
  • Messaging
  • Proactively managing networks
  • Lack of Integration of information
  • Lack of Co-ordinating activities
  • Solutions that don’t work
  • Poor collection and sustainability of maintenance of manual data



One of the greatest risks lies in guaranteeing effective communication between various parties involved in the implementation.  Management, stakeholders and staff need the peace of mind of knowing that they are kept up to date, and are getting the correct, most relevant and reliable information. The ability to send regular updates, be able to contact strategic staff and escalate problems before they become disasters is also essential.

Together TauLite has more than 200 years of Telecommunication experience, including:

  • Mediation
  • VAS
  • WASP
  • Network Management
  • Core and RAN
  • CDR processing
  • Prepaid Systems
  • Information Management.


Managing Projects throughout their lifecycle

 And managing telecoms projects throughout their lifecycle:

  • Project and requirements management
  • Business Analysis
  • Solution Architecture
  • Development and deployment infrastructure
    • Source control
    • Quality of Code
    • Deployment of code
    • Development system instance
    • Test system instance
    • Production system instance
  • Programming
  • Testing
    • Unit testing
    • Requirements testing
    • UAT
    • Production testing
  • Deployment
  • Training
  • Handover
  • Production go live
  • Sign off


 Professional project implementations

TauLite’s staff, who have an exceptional history in analyzing, designing, developing, delivering and supporting Telco grade systems are eager to assist you with professional project implementations.

We have the staff, the consultative and the technological experience of having developed products specifically for the telecommunications industry. Having deployed and integrated solutions in 22 countries in Africa, Middle East and Europe, effectively supported those solutions and upgraded them, TauLite has the experience to help you realize real business value.