About Us

Creating The Future Through Diversity And Collaboration.

With the grace and tenacity of a pride of lions, our people have a passion for their profession. They take a unique TauLite approach to solving problems; constantly inspired and motivated to provide clients with the best engagement experience possible. Our ethos is continuous improvement, driving greater success through more efficient use of technology.

Our Vision

Creating the future through diversity and collaboration. 

Our Mission

TauLite provides high performance, high availability, functional technical solutions and services through collaboration between our people and our dynamic customers, leveraging our proven internal methodologies and processes, to trigger real business value.

Our Values

Own it, finish it.
Be proud of what we deliver.
Be true to our word.
Respect each other, the company, our customers, our suppliers.
Share information, exchange ideas and learn.
Show gratitude, celebrate success, live life, work passionately and have fun.
Respond agilely to opportunities and adapt.

Meet the Leadership Team

Leon Swarts

Managing Director

Leon started out as a switch engineer, a MTN Founder member, and progressed to heading up MTN Software Innovate and is now leading TauLite. He’s been in telecommunications for over 20 years. He has an intense curiosity about how things work. Which drives new openings to create and develop systems that will simplify, improve, and enable businesses to operate more profitably.


At the height of Software Innovate, in MTN SA Networking, Leon led a staff of 85 specialists. They included managed services, project management, network management services, infrastructure management, Geo mapping and WASP services. He is again demonstrating his tenacity to see a new dream become reality.

Dawn Megens


Dawn started as a software developer and has grown her skills from there through to team leader, solution architect, and is now a Director of TauLite. She brings her extensive and in-depth experience across the logistics, mining, retail, banking, and telecommunications industries to solving customer pain points. Dawn understands the needs of businesses and translates this into innovative technological solutions for TauLite customers. She is also very skilled at simply communicating complicated ideas and concepts to others.


Dawn has acquired international expertise in management consulting with blue chip companies across Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the USA. She has created major processes, narratives and service level catalogues using the ITIL framework. She has a passion for service management and has grown with ITSM from version 3 to the current version over the last 18 years.

Our Partners