Telecommunications Network Management

In a fast paced, highly competitive space, organisations are constantly evolving. Organisations are scrambling to improve customer service and retention by cost-effectively satisfying the ever-growing expectations of their customers. Customers demand uninterrupted service. Operational support and system availability is assumed.


It is no longer good enough to fix issues when they occur. Engineers are required to know about developing issues before they escalate and resolve before Customers experience any discomfort. The days of Customers monitoring systems and alerting Organizations are over.


With increased pressure on support organizations, engineers cannot afford to waste time on thousands of emails, and constantly having to check if services are running or not. Automation of the monitoring process is nonnegotiable

Micro Monitor empowers the organisation to automate monitoring across business verticals:

  • For IT, monitoring availability of servers, databases, URL Endpoints, processes, processing capacity, performance and trends.
  • For Risk, tracking audit and security requirements, license usage.
  • For Business, financial data, operational workflow, milestones and usage data.

Manager of Managers:

Micro Monitor is positioned as a Manager of Managers to integrate to other best for purpose monitoring systems providing support for:

  • Single Alarm and Clear instead of many Events for the same incident.
  • Automated Service Checks
  • Alarm Synchronization with other best for purpose monitoring systems
  • Generate, Clear Alarm interface for real time integration.
  • Integration options to make use of SQL, SSH, REST, SNMP and other alarm integration protocols.


    • Micro Monitor maintain a central CMDB by real time and scheduled discovery of configuration items.
  • Alarms are related to objects and classes as well as a managing elements and Network Types.


Micro Monitor, eNOC functionality empowers organisations to run a full Network Operation Center (NOC) to benefit from NOC functionality:

  • Alarm presentation
  • Dashboarding to show overall current status
  • Automated Notification via email, SMS
  • Callout – Automated Text to Speech
  • Escalation to ITSM platforms for Incident Management or TauLite OneProject
  • Reporting on alarms through filters, occurrence, frequency of alarms on objects

Customer portals:

  • Finally Micro Monitor provides customer portals to request, order and track services configured on the monitored domain, enabling organisations to provide self service to their customers.

The TauLite Micro Monitor platform is key to providing TauLite services as scale.

Our staff collectively have more than 200 years of Telecommunication experience, including provisioning, VAS, WASP, Network Management, Core and RAN, CDR processing, Prepaid Systems and Information Management.