Making Your Complexity Simple

TauLite employs sophisticated analysis and processes to deliver a simple, effective working solution for you. TauLite’s strength lies in understanding complex problems and finding simple engineering solutions that deliver results. We develop only what is really needed to solve problems and deliver results with no unnecessary frills.

Painless Peace of Mind

Our customers’ greatest pain points include:

  • frequently having no central view of the current state of their business/infrastructure,
  • fragmented data,
  • solutions that don’t work,
  • lack of systems availability,
  • a lack of performance tuning,
  • repeated event storms,
  • little or no co-ordination of root cause analysis,
  • issues with managing vendors such as a lack of integration of information between outsource companies, and on and on

Improve Your Operations and Cut Expenses

TauLite can improve your operations and cut expenses by using our extensive skills in understanding and managing processes, services and infrastructure. This provides the foundation for delivering effective managed services, working with other vendors providing relevant data analysis that delivers easily accessible, useful information for managing your systems and resolving problems effectively across your business. We specialise in:

  • Fault & problem management
  • CMDB – Configuration data
  • Change Management
  • Network Performance Management
  • Advanced Support

Fast, Simple, Integrated Services and Solutions

Our promise is painless peace of mind because we provide fast, simple, integrated services and solutions in:

Consultative and Technological Experience

TauLite has the staff, the consultative and the technological experience of having developed products specifically for the telecommunications industry. We intelligently use configuration, performance, alarm and problem data for insight into network performance and prioritization and optimization. And for intelligently handling mass fault conditions on your services and infrastructure.

Having deployed and integrated solutions in 22 countries in Africa, Middle East and Europe, effectively supported those solutions and upgraded them, TauLite has the experience to help you realize real business value.