Managed Services

DB Admin Managed Services

Database Administration
Managed Services

At TauLite we manage more than 1 000 Oracle and Microsoft databases, while offering unmatched support as a supplement to the company DBA team, or as a full managed service.

ITSM-Managed Services

Managed Services

We implement smart IT Service Management Software to ensure customer satisfaction, with excellent operational support.


Mapping Services

These advanced services give customers in-depth, visual feedback on the geographical representation of their clients, stores, or offices, empowering them to view risk, revenue, and workforce data by region.

Telecommunication WASP Managed Services

WASP Managed Services

TauLite’s WASP services deliver distributed systems, high throughput and volumes with load sharing functionality, real time processing, service and interface availability, and reliable fail-over capabilities.

Telecommunication Network Management

TelecommunicationNetwork Management

Using leading industry products and technologies and bespoke developments (if and where necessary) TauLite provides superior Network Management services.