For Your Business

Through the use of SMS for sending and receiving text messages.

What is
Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS for business refers to the practice of sending a large number of text messages to a targeted audience in a specific location or across different regions, with the aim of promoting products or services, conveying information, or engaging customers. Bulk SMS is a cost-effective marketing strategy that enables businesses to communicate with their customers in real-time and with high reach, as SMS messages are usually delivered instantly and read within minutes of being received.
Laptop and Phone
Contacts Support, File2SMS, Email2SMS, DB2SMS, HTTPS2SMS, SMPP.
Campaign support with replies. Hosted, API, or Application.

South African and International Support | Standard rated or Reverse Billed.

  • Competitive pricing.
  • No initiation or setup costs.
  • Low minimum monthly fees.
  • Access to the TauLite Micro Online Portal to get full visibility in real-time of messages sent, delivered, transactions, invoicing, statements.
  • TauLite is the preferred aggregator for MTN South Africa.

    Taulite is a WASPA Member.

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SMS Benefits
For Your Business

SMS allows businesses to create custom groups of recipients based on various demographic, geographic, or behavioral criteria.
Taulite’s SMS services are adaptable and successful for communication and marketing, with high open rates, cost-effectiveness, fast delivery, personalisation, easy tracking, enhanced engagement, opt-in functionality, versatility, and high conversion rates.

SMS allows businesses to:

  • Interact with clients
  • Boost engagement
  • Boost sales, and develop enduring relationships
  • SMS helps businesses contact huge audiences fast and efficiently
  • SMS texts are opened frequently
  • SMS marketing is cheaper for businesses
  • SMS texts arrive instantly, making them efficient
  • Personalization improves SMS messaging
  • Trackable: SMS marketing data helps businesses make judgments
  • SMS builds client relationships
  • Opt-in Feature: SMS systems provide consent-based messaging
  • SMS can promote, recall, notify, and update
  • SMS converts well for sales and lead creation

Local and International SMS

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SMS can be sent both locally and internationally, making it a versatile marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

This allows businesses to reach a global audience with ease.

Schedule & Manage
Marketing Time

Laptop sheduling

Schedule your campaigns in advance and set specific time windows for when the messages should be sent.

How SMS Benefits
Different Industries

Fintech and financial

Fintech and Finance

Minimize risk and streamline
new account sign-ups

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Fintech & Financial

  • Minimize risk and streamline new account sign-ups
  • Keep your customers, their accounts, and investments secure
  • Secure communication for every engagement
  • Payment alerts
  • Verifying payment
  • Changes
  • Enrollment
  • Reminders
  • Login
  • Polls
  • Changing personal info
  • Deals
  • Upselling/cross-selling


Retail and e-commerce

Transaction declined: Protect your customers and your bottom line

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Retail and e-commerce

  • Transaction declined: Protect your customers and your bottom line
  • Money talks—and so do your customers
  • Send personalized order confirmations, delivery updates, in-stock alerts, and more across every channel, anywhere in the world.
  • Mobile phones can attract new customers.
  • Smartphone transactions and receipts
  • Increase sales and loyalty
  • Order and delivery confirmations
  • SMS surveys enhance consumer insights.
  • SMS surveys are also effective.



Communicating with parents,
students, and faculty quickly

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  • Communicating with parents, students, and faculty quickly.
  • Convenient way to notify a large group of emergency school closures.
  • SMS reminders for schools minimize late new student applications, missed school events, late tuition payments, etc.
  • Timely communication with staff helps students get better services.
  • SMS can feel personal and in-the-moment, which can help create relationships with kids, parents, and staff.
  • SMS messaging is the ideal technique to attract and keep students and parents since it provides timely information and makes an educational environment more efficient and productive.
  • SMS is cheaper than phoning. Schools might save money by grouping their audience and texting them instead of calling.
  • Two-way SMS lets schools facilitate productive parent-student communication. School questions can be automated here.


Tour and Travel Industry

Confirmation of Booking &
Discounts and offers

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Tour and Travel Industry

  • Confirmation of Booking/li>
  • Discounts and offers
  • Alerts/ Notifications
  • Mobile Brochures
  • Better customer relationship
  • Boost Sale
  • New contacts and lead generation

Real estate

Real Estate

Lead Generation, Property alerts,
Viewing reminders

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Real Estate

  • Lead Generation
  • Property alerts
  • Viewing reminders
  • Picture messages
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Fault logging
  • Event reminders and notifications



Optimize regular processes,
Improve customer service

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  • Optimize regular processes
  • Reservations
  • SMS booking
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Welcome message
  • SMS messaging is the ideal technique to attract and keep students and parents since it provides timely information and makes an educational environment more efficient and productive.
  • Room service
  • Get customer feedback
  • Rewards

SMS Platform

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Reliable Delivery
Taulite’s SMS service offers reliable delivery of messages to ensure that your messages reach your customers and clients in a timely manner.
User-Friendly Platform
Taulite’s SMS platform is easy to use and navigate, allowing businesses to send messages quickly and efficiently.
Advanced Analytics
Taulite’s platform provides advanced analytics, giving businesses insights into the success of their SMS campaigns and allowing them to make data-driven decisions.
Customizable Templates
Taulite’s platform offers customizable templates, allowing businesses to personalize their messages and make them more effective.
Multi-Channel Integration
Taulite’s platform integrates with other marketing channels, allowing businesses to send messages through multiple channels for a more comprehensive approach.
Scalable Solution
Taulite’s SMS service can scale to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, making it a suitable solution for small, medium, and large businesses.
Affordable Pricing
Taulite’s SMS service offers competitive pricing, making it an affordable solution for businesses on a budget.
Fast and Efficient
Taulite’s SMS service is fast and efficient, allowing businesses to send messages quickly and efficiently, saving time and increasing productivity.
Support the TauLite Way
  • 24/7 Support
  • Dedicated Support phone number
  • Dedicated Support email address
  • Micro In-application logging and communication
  • Service Levels
  • Escalation path
Compliance with Regulations
Taulite’s SMS service is compliant with regulations, ensuring that businesses can send messages legally and ethically.
Boost traffic
Taulite’s SMS platform

  • Get maximum traffic on your website
  • Bulk SMS plans helps to generate traffic on your website
Bulk SMS Campaigning
Taulite’s SMS platform

  • Create your bulk SMS campaigning through Taulite’s premium bulk SMS portal
Schedule Messages
Get benefits of Taulite’s scheduled SMS feature so that messages are delivered to customers at an appropriate time
URL Tracking
Taulite’s SMS platform allows you to create a short URL of your weblink and send it in your SMS Campaign to track who visited your website
Taulite Online Micro Portal
  • Send and receive SMS & Email
  • Load and Manage Phonebook contacts
  • Manage your account (Invoicing and Revenue share)
  • Monitoring (Alarm integration, Service check, alarming, dashboarding and notifications)

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