Messaging Channels

TauLite offers small and large enterprises multiple ways to instantly communicate with Subscribers via USSD and SMS, locally and internationally.

In addition TauLite creates value to enrich customer experience with SMS and USSD, with features like premium rated services, airtime top-ups, monitoring, service desk, automation, and integration.


  • SMS
  • USSD
  • Premium Rated Services

Combining Monitoring, Service Desk,
Automation and Quick Integration

Competitive pricing | No setup costs

Online Portal

TauLite services a multitude of enterprise customers.
Supports all Local Networks and International SMS.
Preferred aggregator for MTN South Africa



Contacts Support, File2SMS, Email2SMS,
Campaign support with replies.

Hosted, API, or Application.

South African and
International Support.

Standard rated or
Reverse Billed.

TauLite Messaging-2


Session Based vs Free Text (SMS)
Quick and efficient data collection

USSD support for South Africa *120*…#
Standard rated or Reverse Billed

Hosted or USSD2HTTPS

South Africa Only

TauLite Messaging-3

Premium rated Service

Competitions, Voting lines, Campaigns,
Donations, Services

Revenue Share, Transparent and Quick pay-outs

SMS 5-Digit Codes or long numbers
USSD 120*…# strings
Denominations from R1 to R30

Hosted or API Support

South Africa Only

TauLite Messaging-4


Fast Implementation
Easy Integration
Development if required

TauLite Messaging-5

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