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TauLite adds value to the SMS and USSD experience by offering features such as Premium rated services, Airtime top-ups, Monitoring, Automation, and Integration.

What are Premium Rated Services?

Premium rate services from Taulite can boost revenue, engagement, value, targeting, and cost recovery. To avoid user harm, service providers must implement and sell premium rate services transparently and ethically.

Premium rate services can help service providers monetise and add value by considering these elements.


Premium Rated Services advantages

  • Premium rate services can earn revenue by selling paid content or services.
  • Premium services can boost user engagement because they cost money.
  • Premium services allow suppliers to spend in quality, adding value to users.
  • Premium rate services can target a specific audience, such as those seeking specialized services or premium content.
  • Cost recovery: Service providers might charge premium rates to compensate costs.

Benefits of using Taulite’s Premium Rated Services

Reliable Delivery
Taulite’s Premium rate service offers reliable delivery of messages to ensure that your messages reach your customers and clients in a timely manner.
User-Friendly Platform
Taulite’s platform is easy to use and navigate, allowing businesses to send messages quickly and efficiently.
Advanced Analytics
Taulite’s platform provides advanced analytics, giving businesses insights into the success of their Premium Rated Services campaigns and allowing them to make data-driven decisions.
Customizable Templates
Taulite’s platform offers customizable templates, allowing businesses to personalize their messages and make them more effective
Multi-Channel Integration
Taulite’s platform integrates with other marketing channels, allowing businesses to send messages through multiple channels for a more comprehensive approach.
Scalable Solution
Taulite’s Premium Rated Service can scale to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, making it a suitable solution for small, medium, and large businesses.
Affordable Pricing
Taulite’s Premium Rated Service offers competitive pricing, making it an affordable solution for businesses on a budget.
Fast and Efficient
Taulite’s Premium Rated Service is fast and efficient, allowing businesses to send messages quickly and efficiently, saving time and increasing productivity.
Support the TauLite Way
  • 24/7 Support
  • Dedicated Support phone number
  • Dedicated Support email address
  • Fast Implementation
  • Easy Integration Development
  • Micro In-application logging and communication
  • Service Levels
  • Escalation path
Compliance with Regulations
Taulite’s Premium Rated Service is compliant with regulations, ensuring that businesses can send messages legally and ethically.
Boost traffic
Taulite’s Premium Rate Service platform

  • Get maximum traffic on your website
  • Bulk Premium Rated Service plans help to generate traffic on your website
Bulk Premium Rated Service Campaigning
Taulite’s Premium Rated Service platform

  • Create your bulk Premium Rated Service campaigning through Taulite’s premium bulk Premium Rated Service portal
Schedule Messages
Get benefits of Taulite’s schedule Premium Rated Service feature so that messages are delivered to customers at an appropriate time
URL Tracking
Taulite’s Premium Rated Service platform allows you to create a short URL of your weblink and send it in your SMS Campaign to track who visited your website
Taulite Online Micro Portal
  • Send and receive Premium Rated Service & Email
  • Load and Manage Phonebook contacts
  • Manage your account (Invoicing and Revenue share)
  • Monitoring (Alarm integration, Service check, alarming, dashboarding and notifications)

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